Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Hello again

Just a quick post to say, that we've moved to wordpress

It has all the old posts but from now on all future posts will be made there.
Moving to wordpress is a part of the exciting changes and new things I mentioned in my previous update.
However there is far more interesting announcements to be made soon: such as new prints, new crafty things to show and a competition at the end of this month to go alongside another super exciting announcement. so if you want to keep up to date with all that then please go follow the wordpress blog :)

See you over there!! 

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Just a quick update

Hello everybody, I know I haven't posted in awhile but I am still here, just been super busy.
I have been working on several projects over the past couple of months though and do have some exciting things to announce over the next month or so.
I have been working on a selection of pieces that I will be offering as prints soon, which will come in our soon to be launched new Etsy shop.
Alongside the launch, I am considering doing a few competitions for free prints etc.
I've been learning about book binding and making mini albums, so I might be offering a few of them soon too.
There is a few other things as well, that will be announced shortly but for now just wanted to let you guys know I am still here, I've not forgotten about the blog and I'll be back to posting regularly soon :)

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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

New Painting: 'Sightless' No.1

I have just started a new series of abstract paintings called 'Sightless' there will be about 6 pieces in the series and this is the first.

This piece is one of my favourites so far, probably because of the different colours that have built up on the surface and over all I think it is just one of my best pieces to date.
Click the image to see where you can buy prints or the original.

Also, head to 'Saatchi Online Showdown' to vote for my work in the competition
To buy the products I used in this piece:
UK Winsor & Newton Artists' Acrylic Paint Starter (12x20ml)
US Winsor & Newton Artists' Acrylic Colour Painting Set

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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Derwent Aquatone Review

For Christmas I received a box of these water-soluble colour pencils by Derwent. The pencils are 100 percent product with no wasteful wooden casing, they do have a paper label which can be ripped off as and when you need - the good thing about this is you are paying entirely for usable product.
Another good thing about these pencils is they are versatile in terms of use, you can sketch with them as normal without using water or you can use water in a variety of ways - you can wet your paper and draw into it, use a wet brush against the pencil to pick up small amounts of colour, sketch with them dry and then add water and you can use the shavings from the pencils and make yourself a watercolour palette.

The entire collection is made up of 24 different colours with the basics and a few different tones for each colour. In my opinion the pencils are a bit waxy and in the piece I did they didn't blend as well as I would have liked but that might have been more to do with the surface I was working on rather than the pencils themselves.

Another thing I'd mention is, unlike the Derwent Inktense which once dry will stay that way, these can be worked back into once the wet colour dries but it does also mean you can't really work back into it with more wet colour without disrupting what's underneath.

 Here is an example of a sketch I did, the pencils are left dry and are on a 5 x 7 inch canvas board.
 This is also a close up of another piece I did where I worked with wet layers. I wasn't completely happy with this piece so I have only included this close up as a sample of the pencils when you use water.

And here is a colour palette I did, I did the pencil dry and then at different levels of thickness to show tone and then labelled them as you can see.

If you want to buy these Aquatone pencils you can here

US Derwent Aquatone Woodless Watercolor Pencils, 7mm Core, Metal Tin, 24 Count (0700174)

UK Derwent Aquatone Sticks Assorted Tin 24

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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

College Project: Multi-Disciplinary

My next college project this year was titled 'Welcome To My World' and we were to work in a multi-disciplinary way.  Multi-disciplinary basically means to take 2 or more artistic disciplines, such as photography and painting, or sculpture etc and combine them to make a final outcome.
You can see here the beginning of my sketchbook, as usual we started with a mindmap exploring each theme of the project, and then we went on to look at the statistics of youth based issues and chose issues that effected us, both good and bad and wrote about them. My 4 good 'issues' were music, art, family and home - I believe, and my four negative issues in my life were money, death, having bipolar and the future.

Our theme was 'Welcome To My World' to correspond with an up and coming exhibition that was happening at Tate Liverpool.
The idea of the project was to look at issues that effected us personally and the communities around us for young people specifically.

Because this was about working in a multi-disciplinary way I looked at a wide range of different artists and did an experiment in the style, medium and
discipline of the specific artist.

I also made several moodboard pages in my sketchbook, exploring imagery, text and various other things to inspire my final piece.

Since we were working with the Tate, it means that some of our final pieces will be displayed alongside work done by kids in communities in Liverpool.

My Experiments:

For my final piece I chose to do a mixed media outcome, I decided I was going to explore each of my 8 personal issues in each canvas I painted. Originally I was going to do 6 different 16 x 16 canvases but in the end I did 4.
Above are my experiments for my final piece, in my experiments I explored different ways of putting an image together, ways to create a textured background and also practised the images I know I wanted to use in my final piece. Above you can see my experiments into image transfers with acrylic paint and printed images, my mock up of one of my canvasses in my sketchbook, as well as various other images and techniques I planned to incorporate.

My Final Piece:
Normally I would post an image of my final outcome here, but I have decided since it is to be put up in the Tate, I am going to wait. If you are in the Liverpool area the exhibition is open from the 1st of February for a month and is free. There is a wide range of other artwork going into the exhibition that is all very interesting and deals with a wide range of issues and themes.
There is a private viewing on the 31st of January and I will be there if anyone wants to come and ask me questions about my work.

Read about the Welcome to my World exhibition at Tate Liverpool here:

Friday, 3 January 2014

Textured Mixed Media Portrait Painting in Green

The second of my mixed media portrait paintings is here.
Like my other mixed media piece I have built up a textured surface on my canvas and then painted a mixture of colours, shapes and layers on the surface.
This is the painting in full. I used a mixture of drywall tape, acrylics, string and tissue paper to build up my surface. 
 Close up image showing you some of the textures such as the distressed and bumpy background and the spiral shapes created by the string.

And here you can see the splatters of black and white acrylic that finishes the painting up. 

And a selection of close up details.
Overall I'm quite happy with my final outcome, there is a few parts I would probably change(does anyone else find it annoying when on closer inspection of a piece you can still see a bit of the canvasses white background?) but I definitely like the way it has come together and I enjoyed building the texture up with string, something I would try again in another piece.

The products I used in this painting and where you can buy them are:

Winsor and Newton Permanent Sap Green Acrylic:
UK Denso Tape Dry Lining Tape 50mm x 90m DENDLT5090 US Saint-Gobain 8-Inch by 50-Feet Fiba Tape Drywall Joint Tape, White

Some upcoming blog posts are a review of Derwents aquatone water-soluble woodless pencils and some exciting melted crayon art pieces I've been working on.
Leave a comment below if there is anything else you'd particuarly like to see over the coming weeks whether it be product reviews, other paintings or any other particular theme.

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Mixed Media Painting with Acrylics, Textures and Stamping.

I've recently been working on some mixed media canvas paintings for The Tate Liverpool as a part of a college project , and while I was working on those I decided to use any bits of paint left overs etc to work on a couple of mixed media canvas paintings.

This is the first of two paintings I worked on, which I shall post the other one at a later date.

The painting doesn't have a name or anything and there isn't much of a theme, as I said I was just using up some leftover products I had from my Tate canvasses.
Both of the paintings are abstract, colourful, textured, portrait pieces where I have used a number of materials and techniques to build up an interesting surface .
This is the whole painting, as you can see there is a lot of colour and texture forming the background.

 Close up image, here you can see all the paint splatters

And again another close up from a different angle. The texture on the neck is created with tin foil, I adhered it to the surface with texture paste, painted over with gesso and then painted over that with a blue metallic acrylic.

Here you can see detailed close ups of the various textures. Aside from using tinfoil I also used drywall tape, tissue paper and toilet paper and texture paste with a stencil.

You can buy the products I used here:

I used the yellow, the blue and the red from this set:
Winsor and Newton Artist Acrylics