Friday, 3 January 2014

Textured Mixed Media Portrait Painting in Green

The second of my mixed media portrait paintings is here.
Like my other mixed media piece I have built up a textured surface on my canvas and then painted a mixture of colours, shapes and layers on the surface.
This is the painting in full. I used a mixture of drywall tape, acrylics, string and tissue paper to build up my surface. 
 Close up image showing you some of the textures such as the distressed and bumpy background and the spiral shapes created by the string.

And here you can see the splatters of black and white acrylic that finishes the painting up. 

And a selection of close up details.
Overall I'm quite happy with my final outcome, there is a few parts I would probably change(does anyone else find it annoying when on closer inspection of a piece you can still see a bit of the canvasses white background?) but I definitely like the way it has come together and I enjoyed building the texture up with string, something I would try again in another piece.

The products I used in this painting and where you can buy them are:

Winsor and Newton Permanent Sap Green Acrylic:
UK Denso Tape Dry Lining Tape 50mm x 90m DENDLT5090 US Saint-Gobain 8-Inch by 50-Feet Fiba Tape Drywall Joint Tape, White

Some upcoming blog posts are a review of Derwents aquatone water-soluble woodless pencils and some exciting melted crayon art pieces I've been working on.
Leave a comment below if there is anything else you'd particuarly like to see over the coming weeks whether it be product reviews, other paintings or any other particular theme.


  1. What a beautiful range of greens you used in this painting!

  2. Hey um Guin? What do you call or what did you name for this wonderful artwork of yours? :)

    1. Hi, it doesnt really have an official name. i think i put it as 'shades of green' somewhere. titling work has never been my fortay.

      Just so you know I have moved this blog over to a new blog at and ill be posting there from now on and i have some competitions and a shop launch coming up so if you are interested in my art pop on over and follow me there :)


    2. Alright thanks for the info! :D I'll check out that website soon