Thursday, 16 January 2014

Derwent Aquatone Review

For Christmas I received a box of these water-soluble colour pencils by Derwent. The pencils are 100 percent product with no wasteful wooden casing, they do have a paper label which can be ripped off as and when you need - the good thing about this is you are paying entirely for usable product.
Another good thing about these pencils is they are versatile in terms of use, you can sketch with them as normal without using water or you can use water in a variety of ways - you can wet your paper and draw into it, use a wet brush against the pencil to pick up small amounts of colour, sketch with them dry and then add water and you can use the shavings from the pencils and make yourself a watercolour palette.

The entire collection is made up of 24 different colours with the basics and a few different tones for each colour. In my opinion the pencils are a bit waxy and in the piece I did they didn't blend as well as I would have liked but that might have been more to do with the surface I was working on rather than the pencils themselves.

Another thing I'd mention is, unlike the Derwent Inktense which once dry will stay that way, these can be worked back into once the wet colour dries but it does also mean you can't really work back into it with more wet colour without disrupting what's underneath.

 Here is an example of a sketch I did, the pencils are left dry and are on a 5 x 7 inch canvas board.
 This is also a close up of another piece I did where I worked with wet layers. I wasn't completely happy with this piece so I have only included this close up as a sample of the pencils when you use water.

And here is a colour palette I did, I did the pencil dry and then at different levels of thickness to show tone and then labelled them as you can see.

If you want to buy these Aquatone pencils you can here

US Derwent Aquatone Woodless Watercolor Pencils, 7mm Core, Metal Tin, 24 Count (0700174)

UK Derwent Aquatone Sticks Assorted Tin 24

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  1. Hi - you should contact Derwent and they may put a link to your review on their website. When you go into the products you will see there are links to reviews listed. They got me to do some. It will bring more visitors to your site too. Good luck with this and your course :>)

    1. Thanks for the tip :) much appreciated.